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Best Online Dating SitesHello and welcome to online dating sites .co, this website is run by a team of independent reviewers who sign up to online dating sites and test the effectiveness of the platforms. Despite what many people believe dating websites can help you find long term relationships, but the usability of these sites is incredibly important!

Imagine trying to grind through a poorly coded website or a buggy app on your phone, this would become extremely tedious very quickly and ruin your chances of finding a match, as well as frustrating you and wasting your time. Instead we decided to review some of the best online dating sites, and created our list of the top 3 below. Remember you can sign up to more than 1 site, we recommend signing up to all 3 on the list as you will meet different people and can almost go on multiple first dates!

3.) E Harmony

Probably the most famous dating website on this list, but not the best site according to our research. E-Harmony is good, the site is smooth and people do find matches on their site, which is great but the one thing that bugs me is the cost. If you have the funds and this list was only based on everything except value for money, then I’d highly recommend this site, so if you have the money go ahead and sign up, but if you don’t then it’s very expensive! If you sign up for a single month it’s almost $60. Pricing does decrease with contracts and the high price does give you a bit of confidence that people do find matches quickly! But still even for 6 months @ $40 a month is still a bit pricey.

Despite the price E Harmony is a very real contender on our list, with a fast interface, easy to use features and close to a million active users according to the site, there is definitely someone on there for you! They claim to have made over 600,000 marriages, which is very impressive and one o the features you look for in your dating site.

In conclusion, E Harmony is a good platform if you have the funds and are SERIOUS about finding a long term partner, but for a number of reasons they are only 3rd on our list.


Coming in 2nd on the best online dating sites list is And here is why. They tick all the boxes that anyone is looking for when it comes to dating. Whether you are looking for something long term, or more a fling these site has both options with thousands of people from all over the globe (mainly in the US / Canada.) You can talk to anyone in the world and don’t have to be “within 100 miles” or any of those strange filters that other dating sites seem to apply.

Another reason why they make it into the top 3 is the smoothness of the overall process. You can set up your profile and find a match within 10 minutes! Sure, I would recommend filling out your profile in more detail, but this is the perfect solution for the busy individual who doesn’t have the time to scroll through thousands of results. The filters used are accurate and sort through irrelevant profiles. Whether you are looking for a male or a female companion the site will have you covered!

The reason why the site doesn’t knock off one of the top 2 is down to the number of people on it. I love the site but there simply isn’t enough people. With the majority being in the US and Canada, if you live outside this area then I wouldn’t recommend this site. BUT if you do live in this area then get a trial free by clicking here and you won’t be disappointed.

1.) TourBar

Seriously interesting concept, a lot fresher from the generic online dating sites you tend to see nowadays but there are a few reasons why I liked this one and PERSONALLY why I am going to continue to use this in the future. And obviously why it comes in 1st on our best online dating sites list!

Alright, so the first reason is obviously as you are probably bored of me saying by now, is the interface and speed of the site. It’s all cloud based (no downloads) which means people aren’t on this site trying to spam it or auto-reach out to you, they are actually looking for people to date. The speed is second to none on this list, maybe with the exception of huge brands, such as (who are useless by the way.)

The second and biggest reason I love this site so much is the idea behind it. In most online dating websites you enter your information, as does the other person and you scroll through people based on gender, age, interests, hobbies until you find someone similar. But that’s not really how people fall in love, or even meet for that matter! Instead they meet at random (and usually inconvenient) times and locations. Tourbar takes a different approach, although you still need to fill in a profile as you would expect, they look for people who want to travel! Generally this app is not 100% based on dating as such, although the majority of people on here are looking to meet up with cool, like-minded people, which is essentially what you are looking for in a mate anyway! It’s also a lot easier to break the ice when its a casual meet-up too.

So if you are interested in travelling the world with your future partner then this is the place to be. Great interface, great idea, highly recommend. Also remember that sites such as these might have a lesser number of people actually on them because they are so specialised BUT the truth is people will match with you more readily as your goals are more similar. To sign up, click this link (USA only.)

Back in the early 2000’s most people did not have the exposure to online dating. It was considered an unconventional way of meeting someone. Women were afraid of meeting a serial killer, rapist, or stalker. People didn’t understand why someone would want to find a partner online unless they were desperate, ugly, or looking for trouble.

Before the age of online dating most individuals where introduced by their parents, or friends. Some cultures still have arranged marriages. People met through social events, such as dances, church, and religious events. Others met at someone’s wedding, feel in love, and got married. Friends may have tried to set them up on a blind date. It turned out to be a disaster for one reason, or another. Others have tried the bar hopping, and the party scene. Which got boring over time, especially if they didn’t meet prince charming? People who are shy have a hard time walking up to anyone, and introducing themselves. Could you image putting them in a room full of people? Wouldn’t that be a disaster?

Today many people choose online because of time constraints, due to their work schedule. Their work environment is not conducive to meeting people. Depending on the area they live in; there are thousands of people, and finding the right one is difficult. Finding someone compatible is another issue. Someone that has the same likes, and desires as yours. Perhaps most people choose online dating for the unlimited supply of available people. You can contact multiple people at the same time, and check out their compatibility. Online dating is fast, convenient, and yes open 24 hours. There are different types of online services. Online dating sites are inexpensive. You can post your profile, picture, specific requirements, and check the other persons profile to see if you have anything in common. You can sign up to a site that matches people based on compatibility. If you’re out going you can hand out your calling card with information about yourself to individuals you find interesting. They in turn can go to the website to check you out.

Online Dating Sites

When you find your husband or partner looking at online dating sites it is fair enough to assume the worst and start packing the bags and phoning the divorce lawyer. However, before any drastic action is taken it is necessary to take a better look at the online dating scene in general and then find out what he was actually doing there – or at least what his intentions were.

Discovering your husbands profile on an online dating site is probably the hardest thing to deal with because you have been taught by society and your own social circle that this instantly means he is cheating. Thoughts of infidelity come to mind and then it becomes hard to really communicate and get to the heart of why he is really looking at and signing up to these types of sites in the first place.

Now let’s look at 3 reasons why he might be looking at internet dating sites

1. There is not enough passion in his existing love life. He’s looking for a little more spice.

It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and when it comes to trying to understand why your man does what he does sometimes, I am sure I do not need to convince you how hard that can be! A contributing factor to why married men look at online dating sites is to do with their own ego – and an instinctive need to spread their seed’ so to speak. This does not mean he literally wants to do so – it is more about the idea and the feeling that he could. Men need to feel in control and this comes into play a lot in scenarios involving married men and online dating sites.

Top online dating websites

As much as this may seem like a weak excuse – the fact remains that in 9 cases out of 10 the husband never had any intention of ever doing anything beyond ‘looking’ and ‘chatting’ and in actual fact it is the very act of looking in the first place that will more than likely keep him faithful to you for years to come.

2. Your Husband is a Flirt

Some men are just flirtatious by nature and quite simply – the internet dating forums provide a safe place for him to act upon this character trait without too many problems. Generally it is the flirtatious man that will not actually take it any further – and in most cases they are the ones you can trust more anyway (I would say that as I am a flirtatious guy).

What would you rather – that he flirts with people in public and embarrasses you too? or that he keeps it discrete and online.

3.He intends on Cheating

As much as I would love to sugar coat this particular reason for why your husband might be looking at online dating sites – the fact remains that many men are there because they intend on having extra marital relations. Every person is different and for some married men, the thrill of an affair is too much to pass up and so the online option is the easiest and most discrete one for him to take.

There are many reasons why he is thinking this way and a lot of the time it can be resolved without the need to get the courts involved. Many times this can be seen as an opportunity to find out what is not working in the marriage and perhaps bring things back to how they once were. There is a lot of online dating advice that you can read that talks about this very topic and it is my recommendation that you do some homework before making any rash decisions.

What your husband is doing looking at dating sites remains to be seen, and whether it was with good intentions or bad ones is actually not what you should be focusing on. The question you need to ask is why – and you honestly need to ask this question together.

Getting to the bottom of what drove your man to the site in the first place can open a lot of doors in your own marriage that would have otherwise remained shut. Take this experience and turn it into something that will help your marriage grow – not something that will further pull you apart.

I am outraged at how people can still be ashamed of using online dating services. A friend of mine finally decided to try something new to change her love life. Since none of the conventional ways seemed to work out well for her, she agreed to register on a dating site. She still doesn’t believe that anything good can come of it, but we did spend the whole evening reading men’s profiles, looking through their pictures, trying to predict what kind of person is hidden behind those online profiles.

Everything was the same old story – shy guys have just one picture, usually taken as a reflection in the mirror, womanizers share tons of photos depicting the most show-off moments of their lives (new luxurious car, tanned body with a six-pack, etc.). However, in the midst of all that there were couple of points that really caught my attention – in nearly a third of these profiles men wrote that they didn’t want anybody to know that they met their wife/girlfriend on the online dating site. Such a confession was usually followed by the list of places where people can actually meet in real life. “All our friends need to know is that we met at a grocery store”. “Nobody would ever know we met on this site, we were going to the same gym, I stopped by to help you fix your car on the highway… ”

Another thing that disturbed me a little is that nearly half of these profile descriptions start with a detailed explanation of why they decided to try dating online – “I’m tired of the bar scene and a friend told me about this matchmaking service”, “I would never start using online dating sites but due to my work hours I don’t have any opportunity to meet people in real life”. Excuses, excuses…

My observation made me think a lot about why people are so ashamed of using dating sites. One of the obvious reasons that came to mind is that somewhere deep inside we all still dream to meet our special ones in a sort of magical way. Though we also know that magic doesn’t exist, we still want this first meeting to be somehow unexpected – that way we have a great story to tell our kids and grandchildren. However, when you go online in order to find the love of your life, it is by no means unexpected or magical. You know exactly why you are there – you are searching for your soul mate among all these profiles, appealing and not so much. You are lost deciding whether numerous pictures are an indicator of an open-minded person or just a minor show-off. You can’t make up your mind about whom to invite on a date right away, because you don’t know how to choose from all the registered users who “winked” at you.

Yes, sometimes these sites can be very disappointing; however, the advantages definitely outnumber the slight downsides. There’s nothing to be ashamed of – the world has changed. It is probably way harder to meet somebody on public transportation nowadays, because of the crazy pace at which we live our lives – nobody wastes even a second. Have you been to the New York subway? If yes, then you must have seen that each person is either staring at their iPad, reading a book or newspaper or simply listening to music with their earbuds in.

I’m telling you, it is tough out there in the real world and using dating services online is not a bad idea. It’s just going along with the trend. Besides, nobody says you need to register on the sites that are open to everyone. Some of the best online dating sites offer a lot of privacy options. It is understandable that sometimes you don’t really want your friends or colleagues to know that you are desperately searching for your soul mate – just limit the visibility to the registered members or hide your profile from “unwanted” people using the same service.